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Sunday, 26 June 2016


THE HOUSE went to bed with both parents crossing their fingers very tightly. Both hoping that the ultimate error in baby-led weaning had not be committed.

Ever since the little munchbunch was first given real food she has grabbed everything with both hands and shoved it deep into her mouth, often without realising that too much was being loaded in. Sometimes it looked like carrots, mushrooms and steamed apple was erupting out of her eyes and ears but I think that was an optical illusion. Today was the same, with a plate loaded with chicken breast (she requested thighs but the the Milk Lady was somewhat lazy*), green beans and carrots, she methodically picked her favourite bits up, swung them into her mouth with some flair and gulped them down without any fuss.

The Mama and I were eating the same meal and very nice it was. Once we had finished our meals we decided that as it was the weekend and we like to live life in the fast lane we should have an ice-cream from the freezer. Strawberry, in a cone. Delicious.

Pleased with the progress of our little one it we decided to try something that we may come to regret. With the benefit of hindsight it looks like showboating... but we thought it would nice for A-bomb to try the sweet taste of soft strawberry ice-cream. We touched the dessert on the lips of our darling and immediately she was fixed. Eye-lids peeled open, eyeballs bulging. She leaned forward with her mouth wide open... yes, she liked the stuff. On her next foray M'lady chomped right into the ball of ice, unperturbed but its frozen nature. We gave her four attempts in total before deciding that her weekly allowance of sugar had probably been reached on suck number one.

However, the lovely girl did not take kindly to having this magical nectar taken from her, so soon  after being introduced to it. An upside-down smile was quickly enacted and the beginnings of a first food tantrum looked look it was in the offing. Luckily I was quick off the mark and simply unbuckled her and lifted her out of the feeding zone and all was forgotten.

Nevertheless, we now don't know for sure if that was the Last Supper for food without tantrums, unless all meals are made of ice-cream. In our smugness we may have introduced our girl to something she will insist upon at every eating session, afterall it is rather tasty.

It might be a tough addiction to get over, but we will help her. 

When you know about strawberry cornets, why would anyone eat chicken and cabbage?

We will soon find out how this plays out...

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